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Tune your fins to suit your surf

What are FLUXFINS?

FLUXFINS allow surfers to adjust the level of flex ALL IN THE ONE SET OF FINS!

You can adapt and experiment with different levels of flex to get the most out of the conditions and customize your setup for the way you like to surf.

The flex or stiffness of your fins has a huge impact on how your surfboard handles in the water. They provide acceleration, direction and power in and out of turns.

With FLUXFINS you can setup your fins to suit any surf conditions - left-handers, right-handers, small, big, mushy or sucky waves. And you can do this on-the-go with one set of fins!
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How do FLUXFINS work?

It’s all in the lightweight lever inside the fin that you easily adjust with a fin key

By altering the angle of the lever you adjust the flexibility of the fin. When the lever is up, the fin is stiff. As you turn the lever down the flex increases so you can tune your fins to suit your surf - it’s that easy!

Setting your FLUXFINS to the stiffest position will give you stability, direct response and maximum drive out of fast, sweeping turns. 

As you increase the flex in your FLUXFINS they become more forgiving, allowing you to trim easily and providing more release in the tail whilst maintaining speed.
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Use the fin key to change the flex

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Our first production run sold out! Second production run in development.

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All Fins Are Thruster Tri Fin Sets. Patent Registered.